A Revitalizing Beginning


Charcuterie - $45
An assortment of duck sausage, cacciatorini,
air dried beef, violet and dijon mustards.

Charcuterie-with Morimoto Beer - $65


Intrinsic Cheese

Intrinsic Cheeses - $35
Display of farmhouse and artisan cheese,
18 month fiscalini, pickled yuzu radish
La tome point reyes, brulee figs Gruyere,
red onion armalade Goat triple cream,
pear gastrique.


Unique   Jerky

Unique Jerky - $40
Spicy, teriyaki, natural beef jerky, candied fruit,
roasted almonds, wasabi peas, cashews,
complimented with the optional serving of a harbin beer.

Unique Jerky- with Harbin Beer - $50


Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree - $55
A mini shopping cart filled with your selections
of goodies: waters, snacks and