Kilamanjaro Safaris

Guests are escorted onto authentic open-air vehicles to experience a guided tour of Kilimanjaro Safaris, a 100-acre African Savannah where they’ll observe free-roming lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes and more in their natural habitats. Underscoring the beauty and diversity of Africa’s wildlife with a message of conservation, your group will seamlessly transition into a tantalizing breakfast or dinner event in the heart of Harambe Village.

  • Bring additional interaction and education to your event with Disney’s resident Animal Keepers, providing personal encounters with birds, reptiles, invertebrates and small mammals
  • Add the enchanting beat of an African village with a command performance by the Royal Drums of Africa
  • As the Sun Sets, the Savanna Awakens! Witness the wild as it comes to life on an after-dark safari tour of Disney’s African savannas and wildlife! This popular, nighttime expedition is open to all Guests at Walt Disney World Resort.