Specialty Menus

Specialty Menus are a distinctive category within the catering menu. Each menu is the unique creation of our Specialty Banquet Chef, who was specifically hired to produce an upscale menu that is more reflective of recipes and presentations found in upscale, trendy restaurants.

A large portion of this menu is produced and served, ‘a la minute’, that is, from the ‘fire to the table’. For this reason, maximum limitations have been established for each menu item. The range varies from under 100 to a maximum of 400 guests.

The resort also offers specialty banquet china, which was selected exclusively for the presentation of these items. This china is available for a modest rental fee. Your catering manager can assist you with all aspects of planning your specialty menu.



To utilize the My Disney Experience app, the number of people on the room reservation MUST show the exact same number of people that you will have in the app. Please make sure to click on the “Rooms & Guests” dropdown on the following screen, and update the number of Adults and the number of Children that will be in the selected room.