Dinoland U.S.A.

Unearth a one-of-a-kind event with a party of prehistoric proportions! Entrepreneurs Chester and Hester have taken advantage of the area surrounding the world-renowned Dino Institute with themed attractions and kistchy souvenirs to entertain the tourists — which include all the members of your group. As a DJ pumps up the crowd, your Guests partake in buffet dinner stations surrounded by carnival games of skill and exciting attractions including Triceratop Spin and DINSOSAUR.

  • Spice up your event with a Jammin’ Jungle Welcome featuring exotic stiltwalkers and percussionists celebrating your groups arrival with rhythmic beats and colorful costumes
  • End the evening on an upbeat note with Chester Diggs Pyro-Rama, a visual mosaic of exploding color and sound against the night sky



To utilize the My Disney Experience app, the number of people on the room reservation MUST show the exact same number of people that you will have in the app. Please make sure to click on the “Rooms & Guests” dropdown on the following screen, and update the number of Adults and the number of Children that will be in the selected room.